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2017 - 2018 BOX

AILA 2017 - 2018 BOX PROGRAM


Our program provides a box lacrosse experience with a balance of training, games, tournaments and finishes with a trip to Canada, the mother ship of box lacrosse.   Box lacrosse is Canada's summer National Sport and ice hockey is Canada's winter national sport.

There arse many unique features of box lacrosse, five on five players, the glass/boards, 30 second shot clock, small goals, goalies with full pads, players use short sticks and play offense and defense and the ball is always in play, just to name a few. 

The features create an environment where players must develop two and three men games both on and off ball to create space.  There are several odd man situations, many rebounds, there are three times as many shots as a field game so players learn how to read and react and develop a unique lacrosse literacy that will help them reach their hopes and dreams.                           


  • Sept. - EVALUATION - these are not tryouts, if you register you will play.
  • Oct, Nov, Dec, FIVE – one and a half hour training sessions.
  • Dec. 9 or 10 - IMG Nationals, Sportsplex, Feasterville PA or Marple Sports Arena, Broomall, PA
  • Jan. 14 - 1.5 Training Session (times TBD)
  • Jan. 20 or 21 - AILA Heritage Cup Tournament, Sportsplex, Feasterville
  • Jan. 28, Feb. 4, 14, 18, 25Training and Games, (specific times between 11am-6pm TBD) at Marple Sports Arena, 611 Parkway Drive, Broomall, PA.         


  • Three Training Session exact Dates/Times TBD 
  • June or July (date TBD) trip to Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada (three - four games)



GRADES 3/4, GRADES 5/6, GRADES 7/8 and High School

COST $845

  • Includes uniforms and swag.  Travel, accommodations and food for trip to Canada are not included.
  • Warrior Box Helmet and Face Mask discounted price $150.
  • Payment plan:  $595 to register $250, Jan. 15 $250

                                            Note:  Some dates and times may be subject to change.