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Welcome to our Canadians in College news report section.  These insightful analyses provide a detailed study of the progress and performance of Canadians playing college lacrosse in the United States.

As recognized by most lacrosse enthusiasts and aficionados, Canadians have not only been accelerating their presence in the U.S college game, but are rapidly becoming some of the more dominant players on each collegiate level (i.e. DI/DII/DIII).

If you are interested in understanding this trend and gaining a perspective on the relevance and effectiveness of the indoor game and its concomitant skills, strategies, and tactics, then you should spend time reading and studying these analyses.  And, oh yeah, you should consider joining the nearest AILA league in your area or even starting a league.

These reports have been carefully prepared and produced by JP Donville and are re-printed here with his permission.

IMG Indoor Nationals Champions

01/14/2014, 5:45pm EST
By Johnny Esfeller, Public Relations