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2017 AILA Summer Academy Announced

01/27/2017, 10:30am EST
By AILA Staff, PA – Jan, 2017 – The American Indoor Lacrosse Association announced its 2017 Integrated Summer Field & Box Lacrosse Academy.

Joining Coach Mouradian & the AILA Staff this summer is All-World (Team USA) & All-Pro (Florida Launch) Defender and Bryn Athyn College Head Coach, Tucker Durkin. Along side of him is LaSalle College HS/Penn State Alum and current Academy of the New Church Head Coach, Rob Forster. 

“This camp is very unique opportunity for the players to gain both field and box experience at the same camp, in just a few days, from an elite coaching staff," says Durkin. "As a player who has been blessed with tremendous coaching through my career, I’ve really come to appreciate how important it is to soak up everything you can to improve your game. I am thrilled to work with Rob and Johnny who are both highly touted and proven coaches, and former stud players. Campers will leave not only better lacrosse players, but with a new understanding and appreciation for how lacrosse should be played.”

The ALIA’s Integrated Summer Academy will take place in mid July with day, extended day and overnight opportunities that feature AILA’s In|Crosse System, developed by President, Johnny Mouradian. Players will have participate in drills and live scrimmages in both the box and field while honing their lacrosse skills, techniques and literacy.

“There are so many great benefits to the box lacrosse game but one very important element is for players to work on creativity. Obviously playing in tight space increases stick skills and shooting on a smaller goal helps players develop into more efficient goal scorers and creates better defensive players because everyone needs to play defense and all shorts sticks requires quicker footwork,” stated Forster.

In|Crosse education and training, AILA’s proprietary system, leverages the integration and convergence of the indoor version of lacrosse with the field game. The cutting edge program teaches bio-mechanics, principles, strategies and tactics of indoor lacrosse taking advantage of the several features like small goals (4’x 4’9), 30 second shot clock, five on five lacrosse, players learn to play offense and defense, to name a few.  

Forster also mentioned that, “All of these skills translate well to the field game, but in certain circumstances are not taught to strictly field lacrosse players. Our jobs as coaches is to teach and show you how to use these intricacies of the game of lacrosse in both the box and field settings. I could not be more excited to be working with my long time friend Tucker Durkin and Box Guru Johnny Mouradian. This camp provides a unique outlook on the game of lacrosse and will be beneficial to players of all different skill levels.”        

2017 American Indoor Lacrosse Association Summer Academy:

Academy of the New Church
High School & Youth Box/Field Overnight/Day
June 26, 27, 28, 29

Integrated programs contribute to the building blocks of lacrosse literacy, developing well rounded field players by taking advantage of the many features of indoor lacrosse and transferring the benefits to their field game.

 “We are excited to have Durkin and Forster as part of our 2017 Integrated Summer Academy staff. It will give the players the opportunity to learn from top level coaches in both the box and on the field and receive training they can't get anywhere else. Our In|Crosse system provides a unique experience for the players to build their lacrosse literacy and increase their skill level,” said Mouradian. “College coaches are looking for those high skill level players and our Integrated Academies, InCrosse system and staff provide just that.”

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