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Our Indoor Lacrosse Academy provides a wide range of Programs and Services designed to share, grow and develop the game of indoor lacrosse in the United States, Canada and abroad.   True indoor lacrosse played the right way is rugged, technical, challenging, educational and fun.

We have a number of top current and past National Lacrosse League executives, players, coaches, educators and community leaders from Canada and the United States collectively sharing their years of practices, games, wins, losses and championships. 

A number of our Association Advisory Board members and our advisors/coaches have played high level indoor lacrosse in Canada and excelled playing field lacrosse at NCAA colleges and played on National Teams.  The knowledge and wisdom of our group translates into premier indoor lacrosse programs and services that will meet your needs.

We will continue to build our staff, keep you posted as they join our group and continually adjust our Programs and Services to serve our lacrosse community.   Thanks so much for taking the time to review our Programs and Services.