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Beside every good play is a good referee, in the right position to watch the lines, enforce the rules and make the call. The good referees are not the center of attention. They step back and quietly do their job to ensure fair and safe competition for all competitors. The American Indoor Lacrosse Academy will train and supervise referees for the American Indoor Lacrosse leagues.

The training programs focus on positioning, mechanics and knowledge of the rules.  Based on the National Lacrosse League rules of play, AILA rules focus on safety, sportsmanship and skill development.

Good referees are as vital to the game as good players and good coaches. Officials provide a service to the game of lacrosse. They ensure that outcome of each game is dependent on skills and tactics of the coaches and players. By providing a safe and enjoyable playing environment AILA officials will play a very important role in establishing and maintaining the culture of American Indoor Lacrosse.

The AILA welcomes referees from hockey, soccer, football, basketball and field lacrosse. We recognize that while the rules are inherently different, the skills in refereeing are intrinsically transferable. Experience, emotional intelligence, confidence, judgment, rapport and decisiveness are essential qualities necessary to present indoor lacrosse as safe, athletic and exciting.

Referee clinics will be delivered by the American Indoor Lacrosse Acaemy and will be available at all the American Indoor Lacrosse facilities this summer and fall.  We look forward to sharing indoor lacrosse with our new officials.